Information about Zoom Update

10 Nisan 2020

Dear Zoom Users,

Zoom meeting settings have been changed to protect your privacy. A password will be required to record a meeting on cloud, and it will be generated randomly by Zoom.

  • A password has set for your previously shared cloud recordings which did not have a password. You can go to your Cloud Recording page to show the password for your cloud recordings. Please notify your participants about the password.
    Check out this document for further information:
  • Old cloud recordings with passwords are not impacted by this change.
  • Video recording is stored 30 days in the Zoom cloud. You then have 30 days before that recording expires – 30 days to download the video file and upload it to Panopto.
    Check out this document for further information:

    • Zoom: Record a meeting to a local disk
  • If you use Blackboard for file sharing and would like to have the video available in Blackboard, please share the Panopto cloud link only, instead of uploading the video to Blackboard directly.
    Check out this document for further information:

    • How to share the Panopto recording on Blackboard

For all inquiries and issues send an e-mail to or open an IT Trackit.

Best Regards,
Information Technology

For questions and help:
Phone: 1111