You can take advantage of the following advice and tips to make better use of KU IT services and to ensure your safety on the Internet.

Security Tips

Security Don’t open unsecured e-mail / messages requesting your username and password.
Security Change your modem password frequently.
Security Don't connect to an unsecured network.
Security Use strong passwords.

Tips on Online Course Services

Online Course Blackboard has several tools that facilitate group work: blogs, wikis, and even private discussion boards for groups of students. By choosing one of these, you can plan student group work.
Online Course KU Google Drive lets you set expiration dates for shared links.
Online Course In KU Microsoft Teams, teams go beyond group communication. You can also keep all your class files there.
Online Course Your class handouts, quizzes, tests, and homework can all be assigned and even graded online at KU Microsoft Teams.
Online Course With KU Microsoft Teams, you can email the entire channel at once in a Team discussion.
Online Course Lessons can be recorded in Zoom.
Online Course In Zoom, the teacher can mute and unmute all students with a single command.
Online Course During remote meetings and lessons, you can get better sound quality with a simple earphone instead of your computer's microphone and speaker.
Online Course You can create tests, quizzes, and surveys by using test creation tool within Blackboard to assess student learning.
Online Course Random Block on Blackboard: You can create a Random Block of Test Questions on Blackboard.
Online Course Schedule a Meeting with your Class for Exchange Email Users: Go to Calendar on the left side one of the TEAMS App and New meeting in the top right corner. A range of time in the calendar. A scheduling form will pop open.
Online Course How To Enable Microsoft Teams Background Effects: To turn on background effects during a meeting, click More options … > Background Effects the background from the list. You can preview or directly apply To disable none which is top of the list and Apply.
Online Course Make assignments easier with MS Teams: Assign assignments tasks or units to a student on your course team.
Online Course You can check and control your participants through the waiting room in Zoom.
Online Course During a meeting, you can raise a virtual hand to let people know you want to contribute without interrupting the conversation.

Things to Know About KU IT Services

KU IT With Microsoft Teams, you can create a group chat or video conference and share information with your team.
KU IT You can use KU 365 OneDrive to share large files.
KU IT Koc University has its HPC (high-performance computing - supercomputing) cluster.
KU IT You can request an HPC account via IT Trackit.
KU IT The HPC cluster and its resources are available to any research faculty, students and guests (sponsored).

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