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Numerous faculty members elected to the Turkish Academy of Sciences, the country’s highest scholarly society

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Colleges, Schools and Graduate Schools

With its liberal arts paradigm, Koç University guarantees that students receive a diverse and comprehensive education while concurrently gaining expertise in a particular academic discipline. Students are required to complete a comprehensive core liberal arts program and establish specialization in their chosen fields through individually designed elective programs. Cooperation with international institutions, as well as lectures by internationally renowned academicians and business leaders, also contribute to the quality of education at Koç University.

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Academic Calendar and Courses

By integrating advanced information systems and research opportunities into its educational programs, Koç University ensures that innovation is a common practice throughout the institution. New information technologies and teaching tools are incorporated into all levels of teaching, from lectures, to labs, to the services offered at our state-of-the-art library. KUAIS is the web-based system where members of the KU community review and update information in their electronic records

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English Language Center

As the vast majority of classes at Koç University are taught in English (with exceptions to this rule found only in the School of Law and School of Nursing), Koç University ensures that students are linguistically prepared for the academic programs

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International Programs

Conscious of the increasingly globalized marketplace and inherent value of internationalization, Koç University considers the foundation of a notable international presence to be a necessity in the 21st century. Hence, the university values and actively pursues a diverse campus, where different thoughts, cultures, values and personalities, not only co-exist, but also mutually contribute to the expansion of the individual and the collective.

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Support for Academic Life

Guided by the educational philosophy of “creative teaching/participatory learning”, Koç University supports academic and interpersonal development, while concurrently imparting the critical thinking necessary to analyze knowledge, the creativity to nurture and surpass this knowledge, and stimulating the curiosity for lifelong learning. Koç University takes a student-oriented approach to education and provides its students the necessary support mechanisms for learning and development. The Koç Office of Learning and Teaching (KOLT), Academic and Life Skills class (ALIS) and Guidance and Counseling Services are just a few of examples of it does this.