Koç University’s research mission is to contribute to the universal body of knowledge and influence intellectual, technological, economic and social developments on a global scale. Faculty members contribute to their fields both individually and in strategically designed cross-disciplinary teams.

The fact that Koç University ranks among the top research universities in Türkiye regarding the number of articles per academic member is an indicator of the importance attached to research, as well as the success of academic members and research programs. Koç University works in collaboration with national and international public and private institutions (universities, European Commission, public agencies, research and development agencies, business world, and industrial corporations) for miscellaneous research projects.

Research is carried out by our academic members in the College of Engineering (CE), College of Sciences (CS), College of Social Sciences and Humanities (CSSH), College of Administrative Sciences and Economics (CASE), Law School, School of Nursing (SON) and School of Medicine (SOM). Undergraduate students have the opportunity to work with academic members for research projects in their special fields of interest and they are educated to be creative individuals with good research skills. 95% of our faculty members have received their PhD degrees from the top universities of Europe and US. Most of them worked as faculty members in leading American and European universities before coming to Koç University. The number of publications per faculty member at Koç University is one of the highest amongst other Turkish universities Please click here to learn more about our faculty awards throughout the years.

Koç University has established a variety of research centers for the purpose of conducting scientific and application studies in specific fields, to propose policies, and to convey academic knowledge to society in social, economic and legal fields. Apart from these, Koç University has 132 research laboratories, varying in number depending on the departments at the Rumeli Feneri Campus and at Koç University Hospital.