Physics Seminar by Aşkın Kocabaş

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2024-05-16 14:30

2024-05-16 15:30

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SCI 103

Physics Seminar by Aşkın Kocabaş

For those curious about nature, swarming grasshoppers, flocking starlings, and schooling sardines are among the most mesmerizing rituals observed in our daily lives. Our understanding of why animals perform these collective behaviors in wild nature is still very limited. Can we use basic symmetry and evolutionary arguments to understand the fundamental principles behind these exotic phenomena? In this talk, I will review our experimental efforts to uncover this mystery in the lab. Using active matter physics, we have discovered a surprising connection between non-Hermitian physics, parity-time symmetry, and collective behaviors. The combination of these concepts offers new perspectives into the emerging dynamics of interacting biological systems. Our experiments have highlighted critical factors such as social and hydrodynamic interactions between animal groups, spontaneously breaking action-reaction symmetry, and leading to traveling behaviors, arrested phase separation.

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Dr. Kocabas graduated from Bogazici University's Department of Physics in Istanbul. He received his Ph.D. degree from Bilkent University in Ankara, where he trained in optics and photonics.