Vehbi Koç'tan Vedia

Praise be to Almighty God, who with His will enabled me to perform charitable works during my lifetime with pleasure, and granted me the means to continue after my death.


In the belief that the Turkish Nation will continue to exist as long as the world endures, regardless of the difficulties that might occur, my wish was to establish this Foundation in perpetuity.Thus, I have based this endownment on a commercial entity that will be able to adapt itself to the requirements of the day rather than on properties dependent on economic conditions and natural disasters.I have chosen to set up this endowment with the shares of Koç Holding. These are made up of numerous commercial and industrial enterprises, and therefore less subject to risk. This Foundation, that I have established by the Grace and Kindness of God, I entrust first of all to my heirs and to their succeeding generations, to my business colleagues and to the Government of the Republic of Türkiye. I call upon all my heirs, my close acquaintances, my business colleagues, my fellow citizens who may be involved in this Foundation, and the officials who will assume its administration, to accept this endownment as a bequest made to the Turkish Nation, to protect it, and strive with their best intention to achieve its original aims.I request the auditing authorities of the State and, when necessary, its authorized agencies, courts and judiciary, never to depart from the dictates of their conscience when making decisions, lest this Foundation suffer harm and be diverted from its aims. I have brought this enterprise into being as a result of a lifetime of effort and sincere desire.

I pray that God will regard it worthy of His Protection and grant it success.

*excerpt taken from the deed of trust of the vehbi koç foundation

Vehbi Koç

* excerpt taken from the deed of trust of the Vehbi Koç Foundation