Five of Koç University’s faculty members were honoured with the 2021 TÜBA Awards. Professor Nazmi Volkan Adsay from the School of Medicine received the TÜBA International Academy Award, which is given to scientists with distinctive, pioneering, and ground-breaking studies by the Turkish Academy of Sciences; while Assoc. Prof. Gizem Erdem Gürel from the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, Asst. Prof. Erkan Şenses and Asst. Prof. Emir Salih Mağden from the College of Engineering, and Asst. Prof. Gözde Korkmaz from the School of Medicine were awarded the 2021 TÜBA GEBIP (High-Achieving Young Scientist) Award, given for encouraging young scientists who stand out with their studies in our country.

With these new accomplishments, the number of our faculty members honoured with TÜBA GEBİP Awards raised to 75, while our university also added a TÜBA International Academy Award to its list of achievements. Every year, TÜBA Academy Awards are given only to three scientists from all over the world.

Professor Nazmi Volkan Adsay

Considered one of the leading names in the world regarding the diagnosis, causes, classification, and prognostication of pancreatic and biliary system cancers, Prof. Volkan Adsay of the School of Medicine received the 2021 TÜBA International Academy Awards in Health and Life Sciences.

Asst. Prof. Emir Salih Mağden

Asst. Prof. Emir Salih Mağden of the Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department conducts research in the field of integrated photonics, focusing specifically on the design and optimization of silicon-based devices for optical communications, computation, and sensing applications. He was honoured with the 2021 TÜBA GEBİP Award for developing device architectures enabling broadband optical interferometers through artificially intelligent design paradigms. The high-efficiency devices that will be developed in the project will serve as critical building blocks for energy-efficient photonic networks in next-generation applications including autonomous driving, biomedical diagnosis, and quantum computation.

Asst. Prof. Erkan Şenses

The research of Dr. Erkan Şenses of the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department aims to gain a molecular-level understanding of self-assembly and smart behaviour in (bio)polymers, nanocomposites, complex fluids and membranes for their ultimate applications in structural materials, biology, energy, and environment. Within the scope of his project, which received the 2021 TÜBAGEBİP Award in the field of natural sciences/polymer sciences, Dr. Şenses will develop flexible, highly conductive, and safe solid polymer electrolytes by utilizing the approaches of macromolecular engineering and polymer physics.

Assoc. Prof. Gizem Erdem Güler

Assoc. Prof. Gizem Erdem Gürel of the Department of Psychology works in the fields of clinical psychology, community psychology, and applied developmental psychology. Her studies focus on preventing delinquency and substance abuse in adolescents with relational interventions and supporting the positive development of disadvantaged adolescents. In her research, she examines the close relationships adolescents form with their families, peers, partners, and adult role models as well as the effects of these relationships on their mental health and well-being.

Asst. Prof. Gözde Korkmaz

Member of the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Basic Medical Sciences, Department of Medical Biology, Asst. Prof. Gözde Korkmaz studies on finding new therapeutic targets for targeting cancer cells with her research that focuses on gene regulation and functional genetic screening based on CRISPR.