daron acemoğlu koç üniversitesi rahmi m. koç bilim madalyası - 2017
Koc University Rahmi M. Koc Medal of Science in its second year was given in the fields of “Administrative Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities and Law” to Professor Daron Acemoglu on November 22, 2017 . Prof. Daron Acemoglu was presented for his his groundbreaking contributions to labor and political economics as well as macroeconomics of growth and development.

K. Daron Acemoglu is Elizabeth and James Killian Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a member of the Institutions, Organizations and Growth program of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. He is also affiliated with the National Bureau Economic Research, and the Center for Economic Policy Research.

He is an elected fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, the Turkish Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Econometric Society, the European Economic Association, and the Society of Labor Economists.

Daron Acemoglu has received a BA in economics at the University of York, 1989, M.Sc. in mathematical economics and econometrics at the London School of Economics, 1990, and Ph.D. in economics at the London School of Economics in 1992. Since 1993, he has held the academic positions of Lecturer at the London School of Economics, and Assistant Professor, Pentti Kouri Associate Professor and Professor of Economics at MIT.

He is the author of four books, Economic Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy (with James A. Robinson), Introduction to Modern Economic Growth, Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity and Poverty (with James A. Robinson), Principles of Economics (with David Laibson and John List).

His academic work has been published in leading scholarly journals, including the American Economic Review, Econometrica, Journal of Political Economy, Quarterly Journal Economics and Review of Economic Studies. His research covers a wide range of areas within economics, including political economy, economic development and growth, human capital theory, growth theory, innovation, search theory, network economics and learning.

Daron Acemoglu has received numerous awards and fellowships, including the inaugural T. W. Shultz Prize from the University of Chicago in 2004, and the inaugural Sherwin Rosen Award for outstanding contribution to labor economics in 2004, Distinguished Science Award from the Turkish Sciences Association in 2006, the John von Neumann Award, Rajk College, Budapest in 2007, and the Carnegie Fellowship in 2017.

He was also awarded the John Bates Clark Medal in 2005, given every two years to the best economist in the United States under the age of 40 by the American Economic Association, the Erwin Plein Nemmers prize awarded every two years for work of lasting significance in economics, and the 2016 BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge award in economics.

He holds Honorary Doctorates from the University of Utrecht, the Bosporus University, University of Athens, Bilkent University, the University of Bath, and the Ecole Normale Superieure, Sacaly Paris.

His book (joint with James A. Robinson) Economic Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy received the Association of American Publishers Award for Excellence in Professional, and the William Riker Prize for Best Book Published in Political Economy, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation Award for Best Book Published on Government, Politics or International Affairs. Why Nations Fail also received several prizes and awards, and was a New York Times bestseller in 2012.

He has given numerous seminars and keynote addresses, including the Review of Economic Studies lecture at the Royal Economic Society in 2001, the Alfred Marshall Lecture at the European Economic Association in 2003, the Astro-Zeneca Lecture in Stockholm in 2003, the Lionel Robbins Memorial Lectures at the London School of Economics in 2004, Society of Economic Dynamics Conference, 2004, European Association of Labor Economists Conference, 2004, Gaston Eyskens Lectures at the University of Leuven, Belgium, 2005, Dunaway Lecture at the Michigan State University in 2005, McKay Lecture, University of Pittsburgh in 2005, Woodward Lecture at the University of British Colombia in 2006, the David Kinley Lecture at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 2006, and keynote addresses to the Midwest Macroeconomics Conference, 2004, the Clarendon Lectures, Oxford University, 2007, the Inaugural Pareto Lecture, College Carlo Alberto, Torino in 2007, the Annual DEFAP Lecture, Milan Catholic University in 2007, the Calderwood Lecture, Wellesley College in 2007, the Malim Harding Lecture, University of Toronto in 2008, the keynote address to the World Economic History Congress in Utrecht in 2009, the Vancouver Lecture at Simon Fraser University in 2009, the Caffe Lectures in Rome in 2009, the Fondazione Mattei Lecture in Milan in 2009, the Istanbul Center, Distinguished Lecture, Atlanta in 2010, the keynote address to the Workshop on Internet and Network Economics in 2010, the BBVA Lecture at the ASSA Conference in Denver in 2011, the Nancy Schwartz Lecture at Northwestern University in 2011, the Sir John Hicks Lecture at the Society for the Advancement of Theory in 2011, and the Mohammed Dahleh Lecture at University of California Santa Barbara in 2011.

2017 yılı seçili kurul

Koc University Rahmi M. Koc Medal Of Science Selection Committee

Chaired by Koc University President Prof. Umran Inan, the Selection Committee included individuals from very prominent institutions around the globe; Professor Dani Rodrik (Harvard University),Professor Yasemin Soysal (University of Essex), Professor Seyla Benhabib (Yale University) and Professor Gulru Necipoglu-Kafadar (Harvard University)